Malcolm Stuart Property Consultants LLP is a niche commercial practice offering a wealth of experience in the commercial field of property, together with development land, both commercial and residential. Malcolm Stuart has had a lengthy and varied career in a number of guises working for the Valuation Office for a number of years, both in Yorkshire and London, advising on all aspects of Valuation, Compensation and Rating.  A subsequent move to Weatherall Green & Smith (now Sanderson Weatherall) again opened up a wide variety of work, especially in the Insolvency field during the early 1990’s dealing with a broad range of properties and Receiverships including Arncliffe Plc – Sir James Hill – we believe the only Receivership where Creditors have been paid out £1 in the £1. He was also involved in The Riverside Development at Ripon whereby through a number of options, the whole site was developed out, giving the Receivers well over double in terms of receipts than would have been gained from a straightforward sale of the property at the time of this appointment.

The main aspect of this practice relates to the fact that we tailor our advice to meet the specific needs of the client.  This advice is sound, professional and, where appropriate, innovative which is especially important in the current economic climate.